About Us

Muslims and non-Muslims came from Iowa and elsewhere to witness this historic moment of the re-dedication of the oldest Muslim Mosque in North America at its Grand Re-opening celebration on Saturday Feb 15th, 1992, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The primary source behind the Renovation and Restoration of the Mother Mosque has been Imam Taha Atta Tawil, who is a graduate of the University of Jerusalem with his LL.B in Islamic Law, and a Master’s degree in Religion from the University of Iowa.

In addition, thanks and gratitude are due to the help and efforts of these individuals who contributed tremendously to the revival of the Mother Mosque and made it a reality again:

  1. Dr. Thomas B. Irving for his courage and inspiration to help rescue the Mother Mosque and make it functional.
  2. Brother Donald Singer for his help and contributions.
  3. Dr. Muhammad Eyad Dughly.
  4. Dr. Mohammad H. Islami.
  5. Sister Sara Tawil
  6. Sister Kcia Ali
  7. Sister Elizabeth Mooris
  8. Sister Janet
  9. Sister Aliya Ajram
  10. Sister Sue Robinson

The Mother Mosque Board of Directors

  1. Dr. Mohamed A Khowassah – President
  2. Dr. Hamed Twefik – Member at Large
  3. Fatah kecira – Member at Large
  4. Idaver Ejupi – Member at Large
  5. Ali Gerxhaliu – Member at Large
  6. Heru Widiatmo, PhD – Member at Large
  7. Imam Taha Tawil – Executive Director
  8. K Kustiardi – Treasurer