Assalamu-alay-kum (Peace be upon you!)
The Mother Mosque once was a Dream… Now it is a Reality …Let us make it a success.

All Praise is due to God Alone, we Praise Him and Ask for his help and guidance. I bear witness “there is no god but Allah Alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad is his last Prophet and Messenger.”

Welcome to our newborn Mother Mosque with its renovations and restoration, which sparks new openness in the history of Cedar Rapids, with new understanding and leadership. Our revived Mother Mosque serves as a symbol of the roots of Islam in North America and especially in the State of Iowa.

The Mother Mosque of America Mission
The Mission of the Mother Mosque Islamic Cultural and Heritage Center is to provide educational workshops, programs, and conferences to religious and secular communities.  Our goal is to keep our values and principles of diversity and pluralism intact as Americans. We encourage, nurture and appreciate an environment of respect, love, equality, and justice.

Prayer Times

A History of Community & Unity

The Mother Mosque is the first and oldest surviving mosque in North America. Construction of the mosque began in 1929 and was officially completed on February 15, 1934, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Community members built this mosque mostly themselves as the Great Depression was underway. The Muslims that resided here helped pave the way for many Muslims nationwide. The first national Muslim Cemetery was built in Cedar Rapids in 1948.  It was an Iowan Muslim veteran of World War II that helped recognize Islam as a valid religion in the U.S. military. The Mother Mosque of America has stood the test of time that could only be achieved with a shared sense of unity and love of its community.


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Our Cultural Center depends on the generosity of our community to fund our Mosque and programs. Thank you for your continued support.

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