History of Mother Mosque

Mision Statement

The Mission of the Mother Mosque Islamic Cultural and Heritage Center is to provide educational workshops, programs, and conferences to religious and secular communities.  Our goal is to keep our values and principles of diversity and pluralism intact as Americans. We encourage, nurture and appreciate an environment of respect, love, equality, and justice.


Our Vision at the Mother Mosque is to preserve and share the legacy, contributions and history of Islam in America. We strive to continue our legacy of building community and sharing our culture with the public while serving Islam and Muslims .

History of the Mosque

Welcome to our Mother Mosque.  This Mosque went through many phases in history, many struggles, and many rich memories in the minds and hearts of the community. The basic phases that this Mosque went through.


Phase One

Alhumdulillah, Praise be to God Alone that the Mother Mosque is alive and well today.

The Mother Mosque was the first “house of worship” that was built from the ground up in the continent of North America, it went through many difficulties and hard times in its history, and was able to survive it all.

Our history is shared by the knowledge, memories, documents, labeled pictures, and verbal teaching of generational stories of the original Muslim community that had been transmitted from generation to generation.

There were many “Musalla” or places that held prayers in America before the Mother Mosque was built. These Musalla were in the upstairs room of a restaurant or in the basement of a grocery store, sometimes even in individual homes. Later as the Muslim community grew a building was bought and then converted to a mosque to fit the number of growing worshippers and that was a nationwide practice. In Ross, North Dakota there was an early Muslim community there and they were looking for a place to worship till they established a building on a farm which the community used during the Jummah (Friday) prayer and also during the Eid celebration.

Phase Two (coming soon)

Phase Three: The Re-Birth of Mother Mosque of America

Phase Four (coming soon)

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